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Aug 10

August 2016 Stitch Fix


REDEMPTION!!!  I was about to give up on Stitch Fix but after two months of my constructive criticism they gave me a new stylist and I couldn’t be happier!!!  It was very apparent that she had checked out my … Read the rest

Jul 06

Summer Stitch Fix Update

So…you may have noticed it’s been awhile since my last Stitch Fix post.  YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!  I’ve run into a little hiccup with the service.  When I first signed up for Stitch Fix in December, 2015 I read a … Read the rest

Jun 01

May 2016 Stitch Fix

I am late to the party posting about my May fix as it’s already June 1st…SORRY!  It’s such a fun, busy, time of year and I’m LOVING the warm weather.  If you don’t know about Stitch Fix please scroll to … Read the rest

Apr 10

April 2016 Stitch Fix

April has been a VERY fun month so far!!!  I just spent the weekend celebrating my 35th birthday with friends and family and I also got an awesome April fix!!  If you’ve never heard of stitch fix, scroll down to … Read the rest

Mar 21

Stitch Fix March 2016


March is such an exciting month!!  Warm weather, longer days, great basketball and spring break!  It’s a good thing it’s such a great month because I got my first disappointing fix 🙁  This is fix #4 for me so … Read the rest

Feb 09

Stitch Fix February 2016

February fix time!!!  This never gets old!  If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix please scroll to the bottom of this post for an explanation.  Here’s what I got this month:

1. Le Lis Kano Textured Dress $78.  Great dress!  … Read the rest

Jan 02

Stitch Fix!!!

Happy New Year and welcome back to A Table for One!

This first post of 2016 introduces my favorite new obsession…STITCH FIX!!!  Have you heard of it??  Stitch fix is an online shopping service and I think their system is … Read the rest