Aug 10

August 2016 Stitch Fix


REDEMPTION!!!  I was about to give up on Stitch Fix but after two months of my constructive criticism they gave me a new stylist and I couldn’t be happier!!!  It was very apparent that she had checked out my Pinterest Board, studied my profile and read my notes.  SHE NAILED IT!  Ok…here’s what I got:

1. Romolo Munroe Feather Pendant Necklace $28. This is a great addition to my new gold jewelry collection.  I’ve been trying to branch out from the silver I’ve been wearing the last several years so I’ve been requesting gold jewelry on SF.  This necklace has a great length, original design and perfect price!  KEEPER!

2. Collective Concepts Rover Zip Back Blouse $54.  I got this blouse in my very first fix. Then I spilled coffee & bailey’s on it and couldn’t get the stain out.  Darn football weather drinks!!!  You can read my description of it on my December 2015 Stitch Fix post.  You can see that at first I wasn’t super crazy about it.  BUT…then once it was stained I couldn’t live without it.  I wear it all the time to work under blazers and cardigans.  So happy Ana sent me fresh new one this month 🙂 Looks great with the necklace too!!!

3.  Papermoon Andretti Lace Inset Blouse $44. This was my least favorite in the box and I only kept it to get the 25% discount. It would have been more expensive to send it back.  Yellow just really isn’t my color and it was really thin material that showed all my back fat 🙁  Ain’t nobody got time for back fat.  It’s not so bad with a jean jacket.


4.  Pixley Triste Swing Skirt $58.  There was no question about keeping this skirt!  It’s just my style.  Thick, stretchy material, black and white, and a little flare!  It’ll get worn a lot!  I think you could do it in summer with a black blouse or t-shirt or to work in the winter with a sweater and boots.  VERY excited about this item!

 5.  Hailey 23 Kerrigan Dress $78.  This was my favorite item!!  LOVE THIS DRESS!  The wrap on top is just my style and the skirt part is so darn cute!!  It’s light, comfortable and perfect for any occasion.  Love, love, love!


SO there you have it!!!  5 FOR 5!!!!  So…I got my 25% discount PLUS a $25 referral credit for a friend of mine that recently signed up for a fix!  After these discounts I paid $151.50 which comes to about $30 per item.  A total steal!!! Here’s what my stylist had to say:



Ready to join??! The $20 risk you will take is WELL worth the reward! Once you are a member you can get a $25 referral fee if your friends or family sign up through your page link.  So…if you’re ready to get started please click here to begin the process!!!

What is Stitch Fix??

Stitch fix is an online shopping service and I think their system is brilliant.  Here’s how it works:

Create an account on the Stitch Fix website and complete an extensive style profile.  The profile questionnaire will include information about your size, style, price range, etc.  You will also determine how often you want to receive your “fix”.  Your profile is then sent to a personal stylist who puts together your fixes.  You can also opt to attach a Pinterest board or other social media sights so your stylist gets a better feel for you.

I chose to receive monthly fixes with my first to arrive in December, 2015.  A few days before your fix arrives, your account will be charged a $20 styling fee.  Each fix contains 5 items.  The items vary and can be clothing or accessories…dress, pants, sweater, necklace, shoes, purse, etc.  It’s a surprise each time!  Also included with the five items is a personal note from your stylist and outfit ideas for each individual item.  Finally, there is a price sheet.  Now comes the pressure cooker!  You have 3 days to determine what you want to buy and what you want to send back. There is a prepaid bag for returns…just put your discards in the bag and drop it in any mail box.  Finally log on to your account and pay for items you want to buy.  Your $20 styling fee will be put towards your purchase.  If you purchase all five items, you will get a $25% discount.  So…to wrap this up…you are taking a $20 risk for each fix.  The worst that can happen is that you send all 5 items back and you’re out the 20 bucks.

Click here to get started today!

Check back next month to see my new items!It’s