Apr 10

April 2016 Stitch Fix

April has been a VERY fun month so far!!!  I just spent the weekend celebrating my 35th birthday with friends and family and I also got an awesome April fix!!  If you’ve never heard of stitch fix, scroll down to the bottom of this page to get all the details. My stylist really nailed it this month!!!. I had requested a fun dress for my birthday weekend, some fun spring tops and some boyfriend jeans.  Kari listened and delivered!!! Here’s what I got:

1. Fun2Fun Runne Lace Detail Blouse $44. This was my least favorite of the five items but I’ll definitely wear it.  It’ll be great for work in the spring and summer with slacks or a skirt.  I’m just not real crazy about pastels…wish it were a brighter pink. By keeping it I get the 25% discount and like I said…it will get worn.

2. Pixley Breonna V-Neck Dress $68. LOVE THIS DRESS!!! It really fit me perfectly and is incredibly comfortable.  The pattern is very slimming and I love anything black and white 🙂   My mom took me to dinner and a show for my birthday and the dress was just perfect!

3.  Brixon Ivy Katharina Dress $88. I cannot wait to wear this dress!  It’s so fun and different.  I think it can be worn to a casual event with flip flops and simple jewelry or you can really focus on the gold and dress it up with gold jewelry and heels!  It’s comfortable and flattering and I just can’t get enough of it.  WINNER! 

4.  THML Dewberry Crew Neck Blouse $54.  Of the five items in my fix, this one will probably get worn the most.  It’s cute, comfortable and perfect for spring.  No-brainer.

 5.  Dear John Kyleigh Strait Leg Jean $78.  Finally, these jeans.  This is my third pair of stitch fix jeans and I love them all!  My stylist suggested that these be worn with a big cuff.  They’re pictured above with both blouses.  They fit great and will be an awesome addition to my denim collection 🙂

5 FOR 5!!!!  So…I got my 25% discount PLUS two of my co-workers signed up for stitch fix and I got a $25 referral fee for each of them…$50 credit!  After these discounts I paid $199 which comes to about $40 per item.  Not bad!!! Here’s what my stylist had to say:



Ready to join??!  Once you are a member you can get a $25 referral fee if your friends or family sign up through your page link.  So…if you’re ready to get started please click here to begin the process!!!

What is Stitch Fix??

Stitch fix is an online shopping service and I think their system is brilliant.  Here’s how it works:

Create an account on the Stitch Fix website and complete an extensive style profile.  The profile questionnaire will include information about your size, style, price range, etc.  You will also determine how often you want to receive your “fix”.  Your profile is then sent to a personal stylist who puts together your fixes.  You can also opt to attach a Pinterest board or other social media sights so your stylist gets a better feel for you.

I chose to receive monthly fixes with my first to arrive in December, 2015.  A few days before your fix arrives, your account will be charged a $20 styling fee.  Each fix contains 5 items.  The items vary and can be clothing or accessories…dress, pants, sweater, necklace, shoes, purse, etc.  It’s a surprise each time!  Also included with the five items is a personal note from your stylist and outfit ideas for each individual item.  Finally, there is a price sheet.  Now comes the pressure cooker!  You have 3 days to determine what you want to buy and what you want to send back. There is a prepaid bag for returns…just put your discards in the bag and drop it in any mail box.  Finally log on to your account and pay for items you want to buy.  Your $20 styling fee will be put towards your purchase.  If you purchase all five items, you will get a $25% discount.  So…to wrap this up…you are taking a $20 risk for each fix.  The worst that can happen is that you send all 5 items back and you’re out the 20 bucks.

Click here to get started today!

Check back next month to see my new items!It’s