Feb 22

5 Tricks to Organize Your Stuff!

Ready to have your mind blown!? Keep reading. I’m going to give you 5 life changing tips that will make you forever grateful that you read this post. Prepare yourself…here we go:

Magazine holders for wraps and bags. OK I KNOW THIS IS NOT A BRAND NEW IDEA!!! I’ve seen this tip in various places online and in magazines for several years. But I’ve never actually done it so I didn’t realize how great it worked! I’m here to tell you…it works great! I’ve never lived anywhere that had a ton of kitchen storage so I haven’t had that perfect drawer to hold my foil, zip-locks, etc. I bought these two magazine holders for $3 and IKEA and now they store my goods at the bottom of my pantry and it is AWESOME! They would also fit great in a large cabinet. Are you excited yet?? And this is only 1 of 5!

Target cube shelving as boot storage. I like to have an organized closet and have always had some sort of shoe rack or shelves. But boots are always too big! There is literally nowhere to put the boots…and don’t even get me started on Uggs. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! You know these crazy cube shelves that they sell at Target?!They come in all different sizes and colors and then you can buy the baskets if you want to store stuff that way. BUT…what I found is that if you lay it sideways in your closet it becomes the perfect boot storage!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA! And Target.

Wreath hanger for bag holder. It’s amazing how many bags women accumulate. I’m assuming men don’t do this but I could be wrong. I have beach bags, market bags, travel bags, bags I bought just cause they were cute…the list goes on. Where oh where to put them?? Well…get a wreath hanger to put on your closet door and BAM…a bag hanger!! They are out of sight but easily accessible. A bonus tip here just cause I like you guys: get over the door hooks to put on your bedroom door for scarves and such. Again, it keeps them organized and accessible, but out of sight…who really looks at the inside of your bedroom door??

Shoebox for Tupperware lids. I think Tupperware has been an organizational nightmare for many decades. Most American homes have that one cabinet that vomits Tupperware every time it’s opened. The first tip here is to store the bowls and lids separately. They just can’t be stored together and still be easily accessible. Stack the Tupperware bowls nicely and put them in a drawer or cabinet. THEN…get a shoebox and arrange all the lids vertically by size. It’s SO easy and works so great! This was a tip I picked up from my friend Sarah and once I put it into action my Tupperware nightmares disappeared.

Ice trays for earrings. This has been my most recent ah ha moment when it comes to home organization. I’ve tried many contraptions for earrings through the years…the earring tree, jewelry box, picture frame with mesh wire, etc. Nothing was practical and frankly, they’re all kind of ugly. Enter the ice trays!!!!!!!!   These are the perfect solution to separate and organize your earrings! Put one pair in each cube then put the trays in a drawer. AMAZING!!!!!!

All of these tips are very affordable and make life happier. You’re welcome! J