Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 12

Pinwheels 2 Ways!

There is usually some version of a pinwheel, or tortilla roll-up, at every party. They are bite sized, easy to eat, and very tasty. I’m going to share my favorite two different versions of these crowd pleasers. One recipe of … Read the rest

Feb 07

Clam Chowder

Every February, my parents go to Sanibel Island in Florida for a couple weeks. I usually fly down for 4 or 5 days to join in the fun! This year, my Mom was on a mission to find the best … Read the rest

Feb 06


Last year I started a Dinner Club. There were several new fine dining restaurants in Kansas City that I wanted to check out and it’s just not as fun to get a table for one at a fancy joint :). … Read the rest